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Tom Grose: Bio

Tom Grose

A decorated veteran of The First Sino-Talapian War, Tom Grose is a noted Canned Goods Specialist at the Alger Hiss Advertising Agency where he directed the noted "An End To (Most) Vegetation" campaign in 2030. He won the coveted Ashtray Award for his full-length feature film Sticks And Their Many Uses at Hillbilly Glen in 1906 which garnered accolades from such noted accountants as Shintzel Eberborough (in Digestion Journal Weekly) and Tudley Popebaum (in Crayon).

Among Grose's many accomplishments outside his primary field of Dairy Factory Foreclosure is his front-line responsibility in the reclassification of the color blue's inherent hue to "aroma" status by the government of Krgzlwjcstan. He was instrumental in licensing Jackie Gleason's image and sound recordings for a chain of Marxist health spas in Wunderwiesel and Mast, and won both of the challenging Individual Polishing Medleys at Furkenbladern in 608 B.C.

Oddly and in spite of his ubiquity on the world stage, Grose is probably best-known for his experiments in the field of Sloth Dust Containment for the Federal Bureau Of Bureaus in Americansshouldcallsoccerfootball, VA. He is also a renowned Partisan Addressee and Stencilist for The Bulber's Radio Hour, a live broadcast carried by less than 250 stations worldwide and syndicated by the No Music No Talk Network.

Grose currently lives in Pajamahadeen, AZ with his 2 bleeding ulcers, Kim and Randy, and their pet sword Zinfandel.